Read what people are saying about the services and staff at ArCTIC:
Since enrolling in one of ArCTIC’s programs, the benefits have been clear.  The multi-pronged approach – chiropractic care, nutrition, injury prevention and training – has made all the difference.  I wish this program had been created sooner! – Meaghan
I just wanted to thank Krista for what was truly one of the best physical therapy sessions since my open heart surgery. She truly is amazing. I never imagined how much inline skating could benefit my equilibrium. I plan on continuing sessions in the future! –Phil
As an aging runner with more 30 years of running behind me (and thousands of miles of wear and tear on my body) I am very focused on recovery and staying injury-free.  I have worked with Amanda for five years and her treatments have been vital to keeping me out of the doctors office and on the roads and trails. – Christopher

I’m a fitness instructor and cyclist with moderate back and knee issues; when I started seeing Amanda, I thought that I was stuck with the pain. By working with her deep tissue massage and assisted stretches, I felt a difference immediately. She’s increased my range of motion, decreased pain and discomfort and made me a happy athlete again! She’s the best!!—Kim

I trust Amanda as an essential member of my wellness team for managing my chronic lower back and hip pain and post-thrombotic syndrome. Amanda embodies patient-centered care. She is a compassionate listener and a knowledgeable massage therapist  who is constantly pushing herself to learn and grow for the benefit of her clients. Amanda works with me to understand how I use my body and uses that knowledge to inform her treatment. I feel seen as a person, in less pain, and in better spirits after working with Amanda. – Anna 

Just wanted to send over a quick thank you for taking care of my members. I’ve sent a few over and all have had positive experiences. It’s great to have a place I can refer with confidence that they’re getting proper treatment. I try to take a comprehensive approach to building these people’s bodies from the ground up and in my eyes, that means getting rid of restrictions, asymmetries, and imbalances before lots of load and stress…thanks again for providing a valuable service and being great at what you do. –Justin, Owner at Underground Athlete


I worked with Lauren on the sports performance nutrition package. She is absolutely fantastic to work with and is incredibly knowledgeable. She worked with my specific dietary restrictions and taught me how to eat healthy, delicious food. The best thing was that she gave me the tools I needed to successfully navigate the holidays and all of the delicious but unhealthy food. I spent time with my family, who did the majority of the cooking, and using the principles Lauren taught me, I had no issue eating healthy while enjoying the time with my family. She helped me achieve my goal, and I will definitely seek her help in the future if I have any questions! I highly recommend Lauren for any of the nutrition services! – Whitney

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