10 Holiday Wellness Tips to Create a Foolproof Holiday Diet Plan

By Lauren Trocchio, RD, LD, CSSD

The holiday season can be challenging for anyone trying to eat healthy. Planning ahead is your best weapon in the war against holiday binges. Use this worksheet to set yourself up for success every day throughout the season!


  1. Set positive “addition” goals. Staying healthy through the holidays shouldn’t be about deprivation. Adding healthy actions is just as important. Make time for daily movement or include extra vegetables in at least one meal or snack.

Today, I will add ___________________________ to my dinner and/or do ______ minutes of __________________.


  1. Avoid not eating all day and “saving up” for parties or events. Continue your normal meal routine and have a snack before the party if needed.

Today, I will have ______________ for breakfast and _____________ for lunch. Before I head to the party, I will have ___________________ to make sure I am not starving and binge on sugar cookies.


  1. Always have a meal when consuming alcohol, and try alternating alcoholic beverages with water or seltzer.

At the party today, I will have one glass of ____________ between each unit of alcohol. I’ll have a maximum of __________ drinks, and I am telling ___________ about this rule so that he/she can help me stay on track.


  1. Rather than avoiding your favorite holiday foods entirely, incorporate them into your plan in appropriate portions. Set a goal of sticking to one plate.

Today, I am excited to eat _______________________. I will have ________________ of it.


  1. Be picky. Pause at meals to figure out what you really enjoy. Love stuffing but could live without mashed potatoes? Build the stuffing into your holiday meal, and forget the taters.

When I think about it, _________________ is not all that tasty. I would rather have _________________.


  1. Stay on top of your fluids. Dry winter weather can be dehydrating, which can contribute to fatigue and leave you more susceptible to pesky colds and coughs. Switch the water bottle for tea if you prefer warmth in the cold weather.

Today, I will drink _____________ glasses of water and ______________ cups of tea: _________ at breakfast, __________ at lunch, and __________ at dinner.


  1. Have fun with winter fruits and vegetables. Try mashing turnips or butternut squash instead of potatoes, or add pomegranate seeds to yogurt or a salad.

Today, I will swap ___________ for ____________ and/or add _____________________ to my _______________________.


  1. Alcohol, appetizers, main meals, desserts—instead of having it all, pick one or two of these you want to enjoy.

I like _______________________ better than ____________________. I will have the former, but skip the latter.


  1. Focus on the people, not just the food. It’s perfectly fine to look forward to delicious dishes, but try focusing on the celebration and interactions with friends and family as well.

I am excited to see ____________________. I should remember to ask him/her about __________________________ and _________________________________.


  1. Respect your time and energy. Know when you have had enough (partying, food, social events) and need to say “no” to recharge. A tired mind may not be able to make food choices for your best self.

Tonight, I will leave the party by ___________________. Next week, ______ parties will be plenty.

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