Cycling Tips for Bike to Work Day 2018

In preparation for Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18th, here are some tips for you from ArCTIC and Grace Barre & Yoga.  Look for us at the Penrose Square Pit Stop.

If your bike commute is more than 45-minutes or is done in high heat and/or humidity, bring water.  Heavy sweaters or those doing additional workouts in the same day may need a non-caloric electrolyte beverage (e.g. Nuun, G2) in their bottle to help stay hydrated.

Common cycling pain occurs in the low back and hips due to being in a flexed position for a prolonged period of time.  To prevent pain, perform an extension based exercise (McKenzie Press Up), a hip flexor stretch, and a glute strengthening drill.  

If you feel pain when riding, you may be pulling your body out of alignment, causing neck, knee, hip, wrist or lower back pain.  Have your bike professionally fit to your body!

Take the time for a gentle yoga flow at the end of your ride.  Tune-in for a short post-bike yoga flow video at or try this sequence: cat cow; spinal balance; pigeon; cobra; sphinx​; low lunge; quad stretch; bridge; and reclining figure 4 stretch.


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