Master the 10-Miler Program



Are you running the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run or the Parkway Classic?  Do you need guidance on how to train to run 10-miles?

ArCTIC’s Master the 10-Miler Program helps you go the distance!

The longer the race, the more things can go wrong. ArCTIC gives you the tools to conquer the distance fast, fun and injury free!  We help you with three essential elements of a good training plan: run coaching, nutrition, and injury prevention.

If you are looking to run your first or best 10-miler, contact us today!

Master the 10-miler program outline

Sign up for individual elements (a la carte), or save 30% when you commit to the
full package for $359!


As a bonus, you can upgrade your Master the 10-Miler Program with Personal Training for only $98 per workout.  Or save with the following upgrade packages:

Master the 10-Miler Action Plan ($469)
Master the 10-Miler Program plus a 30-day training program based on your assessment results

Master the 10-Miler Performance Plan ($959)
Master the 10-Miler Program plus a personal training program designed for your individual needs that includes 8 one-on-one, 50-minute personal training sessions!

Contact us with any questions or to get started today!

If applicable, we can schedule your injury prevention assessment as soon as you register.  Training begins on Sunday, February 5th.

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