My Road to Qualify for Boston

My Road to Qualify for Boston
by Carrie

My bucket list included “run a marathon.” Just one. But as any marathoner knows, you can’t run just one. So a few marathons in, I added “qualify for Boston” to the list.  Granted, I would need to drop 15 minutes off my best time. And with two young kids, it seemed like attaining that goal was increasingly more remote. But all it took was one good race and I found the confidence to at least go for it. The next step was getting help. I’d trained for my previous marathons on my own and with training programs I found online. I knew I’d have to do something different to drop at least 15 minutes. I went to my local running store to inquire about their coaching programs. It was there that I met Caroline, who would become my coach, my shoe guru, and one of my biggest supporters.

Caroline provided weekly workouts that were tailored for my crazy life – work travel, two kids, and a husband training for the same marathon. She provided timely feedback on my runs as well as guidance on other key training elements like nutrition, electrolyte intake, and sleep. The other advice that Caroline gave that ended up being a game-changer was getting my knee checked out. I had long experienced knee pain when running long distances and had come to chalk it up to one of the “perks” of being a runner. Caroline connected me with Dr. Schreffler, saying that his work was legend among her running group. She was right. Only a few sessions in, my knee pain had improved and, after a few more sessions, eventually went away.

I’m proud to say that I dropped 23 minutes to qualify for Boston, and had a pain-free race. I kept telling people that I felt like an elite runner, with a personal running coach, sports medicine chiropractor and occasional massage.

I can’t say enough about Caroline’s coaching. Nothing was TMI, and I could call, text or email her with questions. Beyond being accessible she provided genuine encouragement, practical advice, and good friendship.

I truly appreciated that Dr. Schreffler took the time to understand my goals, my running history, and my lifestyle in providing treatment. I was impressed that he continues to seek out opportunities to meet with colleagues and attend conference to learn about new techniques in his field. I have referred friends and colleagues to his practice, and will continue to do so.

The dynamic duo of Caroline and Dr. Schreffler allowed me to accomplish something I almost thought I’d never be able to do. Boston, here I come.

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  1. Run Carrie Run! Your work family is cheering you on 🙂

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