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Is PAIN Keeping You From Living Your Fullest Life?

Suffering from back pain at every twist and turn 

Debilitating joint pain 

Recurring injuries that never heal 

Decreased mobility from a recent surgery or injury 


Sports injuries that keep you from performing at your best


Get Relief From Pain
and Return to Your Active Lifestyle

We understand what it feels like to feel frustrated, limited by pain and not finding relief. 


We  believe you deserve to be active and enjoy the best quality of life possible. That's why our integrated chiropractic and physical therapy team starts by listening, finding the source of  your unique pain and creating a treatment and exercise plan.  


Let us help you start your journey to relief at your first visit.

What to Expect


Relief from


Direct access to pain relief and individual care

Physical Therapist

Improve Overall Well Being


Full body approach to stress reduction and active lifestyle


Increase Quality of Life


Corrective daily exercises to optimize performance

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Enjoy the convenience of free garage parking in Clarendon / Court House


What Our Patients Say


I also always learn during every visit about how to avoid future injuries, which reduces my worries about  hurting myself again while continuing to live an active life. I like that Keith takes time to listen, and asks for feedback throughout my sessions to ensure we're on the right track toward  healing me. He provides as much education as I like, and also printouts and videos of best practices to help me self-treat between visits.



You Deserve Solutions

At ArCTIC Integrative Health & Wellness we know that you want to find relief from pain. 


In order to do that, you need a chiropractic and physical therapy team in Arlington that listens and finds the source of your unique pain. The problem is, you have tried everything else and not finding relief, leaving you frustrated, limited by pain and  not knowing what to do. We believe you deserve the best quality of life possible which is why our integrated team has helped hundreds of patients moving from pain to relief within a few visits.  


Call and schedule an appointment today. Stop suffering alone from pain caused by stress, injury or surgery and instead  return to your best quality of life, performing at optimal levels with confidence to engage in the activities you enjoy.

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