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Get off your Ass - too much sitting, and not enough moving

Does this look familiar? Hours every day sitting at a desk looking at a computer, sitting in the same position. Bicycle magazine wrote an article that still rings true today.


Excerpt taken from Bicycle Magazine, March 2009

If you're like the average American, you probably are. How long have you been there? An hour? Two? So long your brain has shut off and your butt has gone numb. Welcome to the computer age, where many of us work, play, show, bank, pay bills... without ever so much as standing up...

Here's a little experiment to try: Have a coworker take a picture of you poring over expense reports at your desk. Then hop on your bike and have [them] take a snapshot of your spinning down the road. Now place those pictures side by side. See much difference?... The result is a confluence of orthopedic and metabolic ills that doctors now refer to as "sitting disease"

Click to read the full article featuring more details and exercises for core, power, and strength.

Get Off Your Ass
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