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Returning to the office

As I am treating patients the past few weeks, the common theme is folks returning to the office resulting in mid-back, upper back, neck pain, and headaches.

It's interesting how adaptive the body can be, even to poor workstations at home!

So, even though you're entering back into a potentially much better ergonomic workstation at the office, there is still a conditioning component. It's no different from running. Running is a good form of exercise, but if you do too much too quickly without getting conditioned and optimal tissue adaptation, you can suffer an injury.

So be aware that even though you are returning to a better workstation, there is still a conditioning component to these new stress loads.

One way to combat this is with micro-breaks. Here is a link to exercises I love for folks to perform using the Thera-Band and a valuable YouTube video guiding you on the micro-breaks. Make sure to take time out of your day to do micro-breaks. Let me know how the exercises make a difference.

Let our folks help you schedule your next appointment by calling our office at 703.435.1314 or scheduling your chiropractic or massage appointments online.

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