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Excercises to Reduce Pain & Dysfunction from TMJ

Here are three exercises to help reduce Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain & Dysfunction

Do each exercise

for 10 repetitions and hold each for three seconds.

  1. The first exercise is pushing your lips together and spreading your teeth apart. This helps to put an opposite stimulus on the muscles when compared to clenching or grinding of the muscles.

  2. The second exercise is pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind the upper row of teeth. Again, this is an opposite stimulation compared to your clenching. Once again you will hold three seconds each time and do ten reps.

  3. The third group of exercises uses your hand to provide gentle resistance. First, deviate your lower jaw against your hand to the right. Then place your hand on the bottom of your chin. You will open your mouth for just a small range of motion against your hand as the resistance. Then perform this on the left side as well.

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