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Reducing Stress

How do we reduce stress?

Let's review our "Rule of Thirds." -To optimize your day and reduce stress, your 24-hour day divided into 3 equal parts should consist of approximately 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of activities and daily living.

So how do you reduce stress?

I want to provide you with three of my favorite exercises to help reduce postural stress loads: Chin tucks, Brugger's microbreak with resistance, and the corner stretch.

Let me show you how to master each of these.

1. The video is a little long but a great explanation of how to do Chin Tucks.

2. After you have mastered the chin tuck, you can move onto the Brugger excercise

3. The third one is simple but extremely effective for reducing slump posture and rounded shoulders.

Once you become proficient with the exercises, you can perform them two to three times per day, and you are well on your way to reducing stress in your day!

Let's work together to reduce pain, optimize your posture and performance so you can live a great day of 1/3's and quality longevity. Call 703.465.1213 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

See you soon,

Dr. Schreffler


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