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Rule of Thirds for Stress Management

Happy New Year to you. If you are like me, the holidays provide a nice break from the regular routine. We tend to gravitate to thinking about the next year, but let’s start with tomorrow!

What does your daily schedule look like? Can you divide it into thirds? Can you divide your daily schedule equally into sleeping, working, and life activities?

Let’s talk about the “Rule of 1/3’s for Stress Management.” To optimize your day and reduce stress, your 24-hour day divided into 3 equal parts should consist of approximately 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of activities and daily living.

How does your day compare?

When you are sleeping, do you sleep on your side or back? Do you have an ergonomic workstation? Do you have good posture? Do you have pain or discomfort in doing any of these activities?

To optimize your daily living, make sure to sleep on your side or back, not your stomach.

Set up your workstation so it is as ergonomic as possible. And to perform and feel your best, make sure you are using proper technique and posture for activities and daily living.

Start feeling your best. Call 703.465.1213 to schedule an appointment at ARCTIC.

Let’s work together to reduce pain, optimize your posture and performance so you can live a great day of 1/3’s and quality longevity.

See you soon,

Dr. Schreffler

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